Spring 2011

Finding Their Balance Features

Whether creating a community garden, repairing medical equipment in Cost Rica, or sweating it out on the football field, WSE students pursue their passions.

Incubate This! Features

How great ideas are making it to market, thanks to an enterprising new breed of engineers.

Letter from the Dean From The Dean

On March 17, our colleagues at the Applied Physics Laboratory achieved an astonishing feat when the Messenger spacecraft inserted itself into an elliptical orbit around Mercury.

Breaking New Ground Big Ideas

Historic Malone gift ushers in a new era of scientific investigation.

The Light Manipulator Big Ideas

A glimpse into the pioneering work of slowing down the speed of light.

Lab Notes Big Ideas

Updates on diabetes, cold-formed steel and wind farms.

NSF Career Awards Big Ideas

Securing cloud computing, healing hearts and offering promises for Parkinson’s disease, three WSE faculty receive the prestigious NSF CAREER award- honoring young researchers who show great promise.

Conquering the Clock Big Ideas

Master the Moment: Fifty CEOs Teach You the Secrets of Time Management, Pat Brans’ book on what makes the most successful people on the planet tick.

The Buzz Big Ideas

Engineering terms in the news.

True Grit Currents

John Benedetto ’07 competes in the New York City Marathon after a swimming accident left him paralyzed.

Wise Words Currents

Qualcomm Inc. founder Irwin M. Jacobs dispenses wise words to engineering students.

Speedwork Currents

Engineering students and alumni zip through the networking process.

At the Helm in Bologna Currents

Kenneth Keller, MSE ’63 PhD sees the connection between studying engineering and a career in international affairs.

Piloting Professionals Currents

EP is one of the country’s largest and most respected part-time engineering programs.

A Family Affair Currents

Herschel Seder, A&S ’39, plays a pivotal role in the Whiting School’s history.

Alumni Awards Currents

Five alumni award recipients receive accolades.

Model Employee Currents

When John Criezis ’07 was a kid, it didn’t matter whether it was electric pencil sharpeners or the stock market: if something could be broken down and analyzed, he was all over it.

From Mind to Matter Currents

For senior materials science major Laura Veldhuis, business and innovation have long been part of her game.