Engineering Graduate Admissions manages transcripts for Master’s and Doctoral students in full-time engineering programs only. Transcripts for part-time/online graduate programs should be directed to Engineering for Professionals.

We do not collect High School transcripts. All inquiries or transcripts for Undergraduate Engineering programs should be directed to Undergraduate Admissions.

Conferred Degree Requirements

Admitted students are required to submit final, official transcripts (with English translation, if applicable) from only those institutions where a degree was conferred. Admitted students have until the end of their first semester enrolled at JHU to submit their official transcript with degree conferral.

All admitted graduate students are required to submit transcript and degree conferral for a bachelor’s degree(s), even if a higher degree was earned. Most U.S. schools list degree conferred and date on the official transcript. Many international schools will provide separate documents like a degree certificate and/or diploma certificate in addition to the official transcript.

Please note, the Offices of Engineering Graduate Admissions and Graduate Education and Lifelong Learning can request official copies of any transcript at any time for audit/verification purposes, including transcripts from institutions where a degree was not received.

How to Send Your Official Transcript(s)

Contact your institution to have official transcripts sent to the Engineering Graduate Admissions directly from your university, or a third-party vendor on behalf of the university, showing degree conferral. We are not able to accept documents sent from an admitted student as official transcripts.

Transcripts Sent Electronically via E-Mail or Third Party/Vendor Service

We prefer digital transcripts emailed to [email protected], sent through a third-party service, university service, or directly from a university’s Registrar.

Official transcripts can take 14-21 days for processing when sent electronically via third party/vendor service or directly by email to [email protected].

National Student Clearinghouse (Vendor Service)
Enter and select the school you are sending your transcript to: Johns Hopkins – Arts Sciences and Engineering 
Department: Engineering

Parchment (Vendor Service)

Johns Hopkins University—Graduate Programs

Note: Some Johns Hopkins University graduate schools share transcript vendor receiving services. Whiting School of Engineering and Krieger School or Arts and Sciences share a single University Registrar for the Homewood Campus.

Transcripts Mailed via USPS or Priority Mail (FedEx, DHL)

If your institution does not have an option for digital transcripts, you can mail signed and sealed official documents to the Engineering Graduate Admissions Office.

It takes some time to receive mail directly in our office and to subsequently process documents. If you have already mailed a physical copy of your transcript, please do not resend. If you received confirmation from DHL or other delivery service(s), your transcript would have been received by our mail services on campus (USPS) or signed by the front desk at our building (Priority Mail). Our office is not able to confirm the receipt of physically mailed documents until they have been processed to your application account.

Note: If you are mailing a sealed transcript that you have previously received from your university, place the sealed university envelope in a second envelope before addressing and mailing to Graduate Admissions. 

If sending transcripts through United States Postal Service (USPS):
Office of Graduate Education and Lifelong Learning

Engineering Graduate Admissions – Full-time Programs
Johns Hopkins University
3400 N. Charles Street, San Martin Center
Baltimore, MD 21218

If sending transcripts through DHL, FedEx, or other priority mail:
Office of Graduate Education and Lifelong Learning

Engineering Graduate Admissions – Full-time Programs
Johns Hopkins University
3500 San Martin Dr., First Floor
Baltimore, MD 21218

In-Person Transcripts

We are not able to guarantee the return of transcripts mailed to our office. If you have a single sealed and signed official transcript that needs to be scanned and returned immediately, our office will need to provide you with specific instructions to do so. Contact [email protected] for instructions. We only accept in-person transcript requests during the fall and spring terms.

Certified Translations

Engineering Graduate Admissions requires literal, certified translations for all documents issued in a language other than English. All translations submitted with your application must be literal (not an interpretation or a paraphrasing) and complete versions of the original records. Plain translations, notarized translations, and/or translations done by someone other than a certified translator are not acceptable. Evaluations performed by agencies such as WES will not be used in place of certified translations. All translations should be on a translator’s letterhead.

If translations are not officially provided by your university, the Whiting School will accept translations from the following:

Course Credit Transfer

If a student requests permission to apply course credit(s) completed at a previous institution to a Whiting Engineering graduate degree, a copy of the official transcript from any relevant academic institution must be provided directly to the student’s academic advisor and department for consideration.

If the course(s) was completed at an institution where a degree was conferred, a copy may be secured from the Office of Graduate Admissions. If the course(s) was not completed at an institution where a previous degree was conferred, the student will be required to submit an official transcript from the relevant institutions as applicable directly to the student’s advisor/department.