Please follow the steps below to accept your offer of admission.

  1. Log into your Slate application.
  2. Click on your Status Page.
  3. Select “View Update.”
  4. Complete all required fields and select your enrollment decision. This Offer Response can only be submitted once. After submission, this item will be added to your checklist as complete.
  5. Click submit. Your decision will be updated at this time.

Please note that for deferral requests, you must contact your program directly to determine eligibility and complete a Deferral Agreement form.

Next Steps

Submitting Final Documents

Learn more about how to submit your official transcripts or request permission to transfer course credits.

Graduate Student Orientation

Orientation is an opportunity for new full-time graduate students to become acquainted with the Homewood campus, services and policies, departments and colleagues. Learn more about orientation for newly admitted engineering graduate students.

New International Students

Important information for newly admitted international students in full-time graduate engineering programs.

Student Life

Life at JHU

Life at Johns Hopkins is about more than earning a degree. Here, you’ll be a part of enduring university traditions and have new experiences that you’ll remember for a lifetime.

Graduate Representative Organization

The GRO is the representative organization for graduate students belonging to the Homewood campus of JHU from both the School of Engineering as well as the School of Arts and Sciences.