Start your Engineering Application at any time. Apply now for spring, summer, and fall 2024 start terms. Application deadlines and requirements vary by degree program. All application materials are due in the application at the time of submission; updated or replacement materials are not accepted via email.

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An Internal Graduate Applicant is a current JHU graduate student already enrolled in a full-time graduate program.

Internal applicants are:

  1. students who wish to be admitted as into a second degree program, internally transferring into another program or department and plans to withdraw from their current program, OR
  2. students applying to be admitted into an additional degree program while remaining in their current program.

Please note, except in approved joint programs, the intention to pursue more than one doctorate program (for example PhD/DMA/EdD/MD, etc.) degree simultaneously must be approved by the Homewood Graduate Board before the end of a student’s first year.

Internal applications are for Master’s degrees only. All Doctorate applicants must complete the application for Full-Time Graduate Student.

To apply, please contact the department you are interested in to begin the application process as an Internal Graduate Applicant. Complete the online application and select the Internal Graduate option.