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Rama ChellappaA headshot photo of Rama Chellappa in Clark Hall., Bloomberg Distinguished Professor in electrical and computer engineering and biomedical engineering and chief scientist at the Johns Hopkins Institute for Assured Autonomy, has been selected to receive the 2024 Edwin H. Land Medal by Optica and the Society for Imaging Science and Technology. He received this award for “seminal contributions to the theory and practice of image/video processing and computer vision arenas resulting in inventions, technologies, and systems that have improved the lives of many worldwide.”


Headshot photo of Christian Davies-Venn.Christian Davies-Venn, an instructor of environmental engineering in the Engineering for Professionals program, earned the 2024 Stanley E. Kappe Award from the American Academy of Environmental Engineers and Scientists for “extraordinary and outstanding service contributory to significant advancement of public awareness to the betterment of the total environment and other objectives to the academy.” 



Joshua Doloff, an assistant professor of biomedical engineering, received the Early Career Investigator Award from the Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance. His three-year project “crystallized drug, biomaterial delivery system for treating ovarian cancer” will focus on developing innovative crystalline drug reservoirs and biomaterial deposition systems to accomplish precision delivery in treating ovarian cancer.   



Headshot image of Yuting Luo.Yuting Luo, an assistant professor of materials science and engineering and a core faculty member of the Ralph O’Connor Sustainable Energy Institute (ROSEI), received the Advanced Photon Source’s 2024 Rosalind Franklin Young Investigator Award. This award recognizes important scientific or technical accomplishments at (or beneficial to) the APS by a young investigator and will give a talk as part of the APS and Center for Nanoscale Materials Users Meeting in May.