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Geese, Be Gone!

If you see a robot patrolling the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory campus, looking for wild geese and scaring them off, you’ll know that Bijan Varjavand has succeeded.

From the Dean

At its core, the Whiting School of Engineering comprises partnerships that extend within and far beyond the boundaries of our campus. Through these partnerships, we advance discovery, create knowledge, and have an impact on the world.


Recent awards and honors earned by Whiting School of Engineering researchers.

Safety in the Skies

As more aircraft continue to crowd our skies, Ryan Gardner, MSE ’08, PhD ’09, has been focusing on ensuring the effectiveness of the Federal Aviation Administration’s new collision avoidance system.

Inspiring a New, Lower-Cost Prosthesis

When Bill Haris, MS ’16, first walked into his human-robotics interaction class in 2015, he couldn’t have predicted that this was the moment that would ultimately set him on the path to his current position with the U.S. Navy.

Ensuring Internet Freedom

Nnake Nweke loves an intellectual challenge. It’s what drives him in his new role as the first director of the Office of Internet Freedom for the Broadcasting Board of Governors.

All Aboard

Inspecting incidents on the railways can involve putting first responders in harm’s way and can take hours or even days. That’s why the TSA tasked the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory with coming up with a better solution.

From the Dean

In late October, Whiting School students, faculty, faculty members, and research staff members from the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory gathered in the Homewood campus’ Glass Pavilion to view a poster session and listen to talks about APL research projects in areas that included computer vision, prosthetic limbs, and secure mobile communications. The presenters that afternoon were not APL scientists and engineers; they were students who had worked as paid undergraduate interns at APL last summer.

Data Downlink

Alumnus Chris DeBoy oversees New Horizons’ Radio System, and its daily downloads from Pluto promise to shed new light on…