Impact Summer 2017

Reversing the Loss of Sight

A trio of Johns Hopkins researchers is close to improving vision care for millions of people who suffer from degenerative retinal diseases.

Molecular Bridge Building

In a microscopic feat that resembled a high-wire circus act, a Whiting School team has coaxed DNA nanotubes to assemble themselves into bridgelike structures arched between two molecular landmarks on the surface of a lab dish.

Solving Climate Change Conundrums

If there’s anything that’s certain about the effects of climate change, says Ben Hobbs, it’s how much is still uncertain.

Equipping Microscopic Warriors

A five-member team from the Whiting School and School of Medicine is setting out to design and test self-directed microscopic warriors that can locate and neutralize dangerous strains of bacteria.

Honing Breast Cancer Detection

Every year, nearly 1.6 million breast cancer biopsies are performed in the United States and close to 250,000 new breast cancers are diagnosed. But the technique is fraught with errors.

Upstarts: The Buzz on Disease Prevention

Mechanical engineer Rajat Mittal is teaming up with researchers at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and Johns Hopkins Malaria Research Institute to use sound to repel flying pests.

Upstarts: A Pill With Promise

A Baltimore-based startup company founded by three Johns Hopkins alumni is developing a promising pill that researchers say can provide the same benefits as bariatric surgery.

Behold the Cockroach

The lowly cockroach has long been vilified as a spreader of disease and a marker of filth and squalor. But Chen Li, assistant professor of mechanical engineering, is studying them to improve the way robots navigate.