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Summer 2020

“We look to these creepy creatures for movement inspiration.”

2/18/20, The Guardian

Chen Li, assistant professor of mechanical engineering, commenting on how a snake’s ability to traverse 3D environments informed his team’s work in developing robots that could be used for search-and-rescue missions to explore inaccessible terrain, such as rubble after an earthquake.

“You don’t ever have to buy a new calendar.”

2/20/20, Baltimore Sun

Steve Hanke, professor of environmental health and engineering, who proposes replacing the Gregorian calendar with a “permanent calendar,” which would mean starting every year on Monday, Jan. 1, making every other day follow on the same day every year.

“The cool thing is we could easily measure the bias that has historically existed, switch out the algorithm, and correct the bias.”

10/24/19, Washington Post

Suchi Saria, John C. Malone Associate Professor of computer science and a machine learning and health care expert, commenting on the discovery that a widely used algorithm that predicts which patients will benefit from extra medical care favors white patients over sicker black patients.