Engineering for Professionals Advisory Council

Winter 2010

The EP Advisory Council provides us an outside perspective that can be very important in improving the program,” says Allan Bjerkaas, associate dean of Engineering for Professionals. “According to the charter of the council they are, ‘To support EP in its efforts to maintain the high quality and professional relevancy of its degree programs by providing an external perspective on the assessment of ongoing efforts and the evaluation of future initiatives.’ The council has helped us improve our IT infrastructure, has provided good advice as we have introduced new academic programs, and has been instrumental in building a stronger relationship between EP and Development and Alumni Relations.” Council members, who are professionals in industry, government, and education, meet twice a year.

Advisory Council Member:

Nelson Baker, Vice Provost, Georgia Tech Global Learning Center, Distance Learning and Professional Education
Edward Borbely, Director, University of Michigan, Center for Professional Development, College of Engineering
Robert Cardwell ’85, Vice President, Middleware Technology, Red Hat, Inc.
John Fischer, Director of Laboratory Programs, Office of the Secretary of Defense/ Office of the Director, Defense Research and Engineering
Chris Horne, Vice President, Lockheed Martin, Engineering, Technology and Operations
William Irby, MS ’00, Vice President, Northrop Grumman
David Jourdan, MS ’84, President, Nauticos
Robyn Kravit, CEO, Tethys Research LLC
Kelly Miller, Chief Systems Engineer, National Security Agency/Central Security Service
Anne Schelle, Partner, Acta Wireless