New Professorships Reward World-Class Faculty

Summer 2009

In the 2008–2009 academic year, the Whiting School was fortunate to inaugurate two endowed professorships, a way of recognizing outstanding faculty. Through their powerful contributions to research, teaching, and public service, our faculty are the cornerstone of the Whiting School’s research and academic excellence.

By providing an environment where scholars can actively pursue their interests without compromise and a culture that encourages interdisciplinary cooperation, the Whiting School has positioned itself as a national and international leader in engineering. To maintain this position of preeminence, we must continue to support and reward our world-class faculty. The most powerful way we can do this is through endowed professorships.

Left: The Joseph R. and Lynn C. Reynolds Professorship was dedicated on December 5, 2008. Pictured here are Nicholas P. Jones, Benjamin T. Rome Dean; Lynn and Joe Reynolds ’69; and Peter Searson, the inaugural Reynolds Professor.
Left: The Theodore M. and Kay W. Schad Professorship in Environmental Management was dedicated on April 23. Pictured here are M. GordanWolman ’49, B. Howell Griswold Professor of Geography and International Affairs; Richard E. Schuler, professor of economics and of civil and environmental engineering at Cornell University; Benjamin F. Hobbs, the inaugural Schad Professor; Margot Cornwell, the widow of Theodore Schad; Edward J. Bouwer, chair of the Department of Geography and Environmental Engineering; and Nicholas P. Jones, Benjamin T. Rome Dean.