5029 Smith Building
Research Areas Genomics and Systems Biology Immunoengineering Translational Cell and Tissue Engineering

Kevin Yarema is an associate professor of biomedical engineering at the Whiting School of Engineering and the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. His research focuses on biotechnology and clinical aspects of carbohydrate engineering.

Yarema uses systems biology approaches to determine the role of glycosylation in health and disease and to develop applications—such as cancer treatment—for metabolic oligosaccharide engineering methodologies.

Yarema has authored or co-authored more than 50 peer-reviewed articles and 25 book chapters or review articles. He has lectured and presented his work at universities and conferences throughout the world.

After completing an undergraduate degree in bioengineering at Walla Walla College, Yarema went on to receive a PhD in biological chemistry at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He then completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of California, Berkeley, where he specialized in chemical biology approaches for manipulating glycosylation in living cells.