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Research Areas
Discrete mathematics
Partially ordered sets
Random methods
Graph theory

Edward Scheinerman, vice dean for faculty at the Whiting School of Engineering and a professor of applied mathematics and statistics, is known for his contributions to discrete mathematics including the invention of random dot product graphs. These graphs, which have been used extensively for the analysis of social and biological networks, are flexible enough to give realistic models of various types of networks while also being simple enough to be understood analytically. Scheinerman also is director of the Doctor of Engineering Program, and previously chaired the Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics.

Scheinerman’s research interests include graph theory, random graphs, partially ordered sets and combinatorics—an area of mathematics focused on combinations of objects belonging to a finite set. He has worked on both theoretical and applied graph theory. The theoretical work involved geometric representations of graphs and random graphs, with applications to social networks and robotics.

In his administrative role, Scheinerman introduced a variety of educational innovations at Johns Hopkins. Most notably, he launched the Peer-led Team Learning program (PILOT), which supports a wide array of fundamental undergraduate courses.

Scheinerman is a Fellow of the American Mathematical Society and the Institute of Combinatorics and its Applications, and a member of the Mathematical Association of America and the Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics. He is also an editorial board member for the Journal of Graph Theory and American Mathematical Monthly. Scheinerman is the author of several books, including textbooks, a research monograph, and a general audience volume, The Mathematics Lover’s Companion.

He has been twice honored with the Mathematical Association of America’s Lester Ford Award for outstanding mathematical exposition and has received numerous teaching awards at Johns Hopkins, including the Applied Mathematics and Statistics Department Faculty Teaching Award, the Robert B. Pond, Sr. Excellence in Teaching Award, and a Distinguished Faculty Award.

Scheinerman earned his bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Brown University in 1980, and a master’s degree and PhD in mathematics from Princeton University in 1981 and 1984, respectively. He joined the faculty of the Whiting School of Engineering in 1984.