206 Maryland Hall
Research Areas Materials discovery clean and renewable energy simulation and modeling machine learning artificial intelligence clean hydrogen production nuclear-waste immobilization waste-heat conversion and energy storage.

Corey Oses, an assistant professor of materials science and engineering, leads the Entropy for Energy computational laboratory focusing on the discovery of materials for clean and renewable energy. Specifically, Oses looks to leverage the stabilizing effects of disorder to innovate clean hydrogen production, waste-heat conversion, and electric grid technologies. The research is in line with the Materials Genome Initiative (MGI): employing high-throughput first-principles calculations and machine learning/artificial intelligence algorithms for accelerated development and deployment of new materials.

Oses’s work has aided in the discovery of new magnets, superalloys, high-entropy carbides, and phase-change memory compositions, and has been featured as part of the White House’s Office of Science & Technology Policy 2021 MGI Strategic Plan. He completed his bachelor’s degree in applied and engineering physics from Cornell University in 2013 and his PhD in materials science from Duke University in 2018. Oses is also a lead developer of the aflow++ software framework for autonomous materials design.