Apurva Nakade is a senior lecturer in the Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics. His primary interests revolve around improving math education and discovering methods to lower barriers and enhance retention in entry-level math courses. He actively participates in the redesign and adaptation of courses to emphasize modeling and data-driven approaches. Additionally, he is involved in the development and utilization of open-source educational resources for teaching math.

His research focuses on algebraic topology, type theory, and mathematical formalization. Nakade plays an active role in expanding the math library for the Lean Theorem Prover, an open-source project that brings together mathematicians and computer scientists worldwide. One of the project’s goals is to develop automation and educational tools for mathematicians and mathematics students.

Prior to joining JHU, Nakade worked as a postdoc at Northwestern University and the University of Western Ontario. He holds a PhD in mathematics from JHU’s Department of Mathematics, an MSc in mathematics from the Chennai Math Institute, and a BTech in computer science and engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. He is an MAA Project NExT fellow, a former mentor and coordinator at the Canada/USA Mathcamp, and holds various certifications from the teaching centers at JHU, NU, and UWO.