Ed Schlesinger

Benjamin T. Rome Dean

Hedy Alavi

Assistant Dean for International Programs
215 Ames Hall

James Aumiller

Senior Associate Dean for Strategic Initiatives

Megan Barrett

Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
San Martin 154

Kimberley Bassett

Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Academic Advising

Karen Borgsmiller

Assistant Dean for Pre-collegiate Programs
San Martin 144

Harry K. Charles, Jr.

Associate Dean for Non-Residential Graduate Education

Chad Clapsaddle

Senior Associate Dean for Finance and Administration

Andrew Douglas

Executive Vice Dean

Michael Falk

Vice Dean for Undergraduate Education

Nathan Graham

Assistant Dean for Media and Technology

Daniel Horn

Associate Vice Dean for Professional Education and Lifelong Learning

Megan Howie

Associate Dean for External Relations

Paul Huckett

Assistant Dean for Learning Design and Innovation

Christine Kavanagh

Associate Vice Dean for Graduate Education and Lifelong Learning

Mary Kay LeMay

Assistant Dean for Marketing and Communications

Lauren McGhee

Assistant Dean for Enrollment and Academic Operations

Constanza Miranda

Assistant Dean for Faculty Undergraduate Mentoring

Larry Nagahara

Vice Dean for Research and Translation

Darlene Saporu

Assistant Dean for Diversity and Inclusion, Whiting School of Engineering

Sridevi Sarma

Vice Dean for Graduate Education and Lifelong Learning

Edward R. Scheinerman

Vice Dean for Faculty

Janet Weise

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Academic Affairs