Sarah Preheim

Assistant Professor

Research Interests

environmental microbiology, microbial ecology, bioinformatics

  • 2010 - 2015:  Postdoctoral Associate, Mass. Institute of Technology (MIT)
Research Areas
  • Bioinformatics
  • Enviornmental Microbiology
  • MICROBIAL ecology
Journal Articles
  • Preheim S, Arora-Williams K, Olesen SW, Scandella B, Delwich K, Spencer S, Myers E, Abraham S, Sooklal A (2018).  Frequency and impact of transitions between microbial populations mediating biogeochemical cycling in a freshwater lake.
  • Corzett CH, Elsherbini J, Chien DM, Hehemann J, Henschel A, Preheim S, Yu X, Alm EJ, Polz MF (2018).  Evolution of a Vegetarian Vibrio: Metabolic Specialization of V. breoganii to Macroalgal Substrates.  Journal of Bacteriology.
  • Martin-Platero AM, Cleary B, Kauffman K, Preheim S, McGillicuddy, Alm EJ, Polz MF (2018).  High resolution time series reveals cohesive but short-lived communities in coastal plankton.  Nature Communications.  9.  266.
  • King AJ, Preheim S, Bailey KL, Robeson MS, Roy Chowdhury T, Crable BR, Hurt RA, Mehlhorn TL, Lowe KA, Phelps TJ, Palumbo AV, Brandt CC, Brown SD, Podar M, Zhang P, Lancaster WA, Poole FL, Watson DB, Fields MW, Chandonia JM, Alm EJ, Zhou J, Adams MW, Ha... (2017).  Temporal Dynamics of In-Field Bioreactor Populations Reflect the Groundwater System and Respond Predictably to Perturbation..  Environmental science & technology.  51(5).  2879-2889.
  • Hehemann JH, Arevalo P, Datta MS, Yu X, Corzett CH, Henschel A, Preheim S, Timberlake S, Alm EJ, Polz MF (2016).  Adaptive radiation by waves of gene transfer leads to fine-scale resource partitioning in marine microbes..  Nature communications.  7.  12860.
  • Preheim S, Olesen SW, Spencer SJ, Materna A, Varadharajan C, Blackburn M, Friedman J, Rodríguez J, Hemond H, Alm EJ (2016).  Surveys, simulation and single-cell assays relate function and phylogeny in a lake ecosystem..  Nature microbiology.  1(9).  16130.
  • Spencer SJ, Tamminen MV, Preheim S, Guo MT, Briggs AW, Brito IL, A Weitz D, Pitkänen LK, Vigneault F, Virta MP, Alm EJ (2016).  Massively parallel sequencing of single cells by epicPCR links functional genes with phylogenetic markers..  The ISME journal.  10(2).  427-436.
  • Smith MB, Rocha AM, Smillie CS, Olesen SW, Paradis C, Wu L, Campbell JH, Fortney JL, Mehlhorn TL, Lowe KA, Earles JE, Phillips J, Techtmann SM, Joyner DC, Elias DA, Bailey KL, Hurt, Jr RA, Preheim S, Sanders MC, Yang J, Mueller MA, Brooks S, Watson DB,... (2015).  Natural bacterial communities serve as quantitative geochemical biosensors..  mBio.  6(3).  e00326-15.
  • Preheim S, Perrotta AR, Martin-Platero AM, Gupta A, Alm EJ (2013).  Distribution-Based Clustering: Using Ecology To Refine the Operational Taxonomic Unit.  Applied and Environmental Microbiology.  79(21).  6593-6603.
  • Preheim S, Perrotta AR, Friedman J, Smilie C, Brito I, Smith MB, Alm E, DeLong E (2013).  Computational Methods for High-Throughput Comparative Analyses of Natural Microbial Communities.  Methods in Enzymology.  531.  353-370.
  • Szabo G, Preheim S, Kauffman KM, David LA, Shapiro J, Alm EJ, Polz MF (2013).  Reproducibility of Vibrionaceae population structure in coastal bacterioplankton.  Isme Journal.  7(3).  509-519.
  • Shapiro BJ, Friedman J, Cordero OX, Preheim S, Timberlake SC, Szabo G, Polz MF, Alm EJ (2012).  Population Genomics of Early Events in the Ecological Differentiation of Bacteria.  Science.  336(6077).  48-51.
  • Papa E, Docktor M, Smillie C, Weber S, Preheim S, Gevers D, Giannoukos G, Ciulla D, Tabbaa D, Ingram J, Schauer DB, Ward DV, Korzenik JR, Xavier RJ, Bousvaros A, Alm EJ (2012).  Non-Invasive Mapping of the Gastrointestinal Microbiota Identifies Children with Inflammatory Bowel Disease.  Plos One.  7(6).
  • Wollenberg MS, Preheim S, Polz MF, Ruby EG (2012).  Polyphyly of non-bioluminescent Vibrio fischeri sharing a lux-locus deletion.  Environmental Microbiology.  14(3).  655-668.
  • Preheim S, Boucher Y, Wildschutte H, David LA, Veneziano D, Alm EJ, Polz MF (2011).  Metapopulation structure of Vibrionaceae among coastal marine invertebrates.  Environmental Microbiology.  13(1).  265-275.
  • Preheim S, Timberlake S, Polz MF (2011).  Merging Taxonomy with Ecological Population Prediction in a Case Study of Vibrionaceae.  Applied and Environmental Microbiology.  77(20).  7195-7206.
  • Birkeland SR, Preheim S, Davids BJ, Cipriano MJ, Palm D, Reiner DS, Svard SG, Gillin FD, McArthur AG (2010).  Transcriptome analyses of the Giardia lamblia life cycle.  Molecular and Biochemical Parasitology.  174(1).  62-65.
  • Wildschutte H, Preheim S, Hernandez Y, Polz MF (2010).  O-antigen diversity and lateral transfer of the wbe region among Vibrio splendidus isolates.  Environmental Microbiology.  12(11).  2977-2987.
  • Hunt DE, David LA, Gevers D, Preheim S, Alm EJ, Polz MF (2008).  Resource partitioning and sympatric differentiation among closely related bacterioplankton.  Science.  320(5879).  1081-1085.
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  • Polz MF, Hunt DE, Preheim S, Weinreich DM (2006).  Patterns and mechanisms of genetic and phenotypic differentiation in marine microbes.  Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B-Biological Sciences.  361(1475).  2009-2021.
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  • Davids BJ, Reiner DS, Birkeland SR, Preheim S, Cipriano MJ, McArthur AG, Gillin FD (2006).  A new family of Giardial cysteine-rich non-VSP protein genes and a novel cyst protein.  Plos One.  1(1).  e44.
  • Faulkner SD, Oli MW, Kieft R, Cotlin L, Widener J, Shiflett A, Cipriano MJ, Preheim S, Birkeland SR, Hajduk SL, McArthur (2006).  In vitro generation of human high-density-lipoprotein-resistant Trypanosoma brucei brucei.  Eukaryotic Cell.  5.  1276-1286.
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  • Oriente A, Fedarko NS, Preheim S, Huang SK, Lichtenstein LM, Essayan DM (2000).  Interleukin-13 modulates collagen homeostasis in human skin and keloid fibroblasts.  Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics.  292(3).  988-94.
  • Preheim S, Oriente A, Lichtenstein LM, Huang SK, Essayan DM (2000).  Interferon-beta induces selective enhancement of antigen-specific T cell responses.  Journal of Interferon and Cytokine Research.  20(4).  383-9.
  • Preheim S, Oriente A, Huang SK, Essayan DM (1999).  Regulation of antigen-induced human T-lymphocyte responses by calcineurin antagonists.  Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology.  104(4).  828-35.
  • "Dynamics of Microbial Populations and Biogeochemical Processes in Aquatic Dead-Zones", Virginia Tech Life Sciences Seminar.  Blacksburg Virginia, United States of America (the).  February 23, 2018
  • "Frequency and impact of transitions between microbial populations mediating biogeochemical cycling in a freshwater lake", Mid-Atlantic Microbiome Meeting.  College Park Maryland, United States of America (the).  January 10, 2018
  • "Dynamics of Microbial Populations and Biogeochemical Processes in Aquatic Dead-Zones", Smithsonian Environmental Research Center Seminar Series.  Edgewater Maryland, United States of America (the).  November 30, 2017
  • "Dynamics of Microbial Populations and Biogeochemical Processes in Aquatic Dead-Zones", Environmental Geology & Geochemistry Seminar.  Princeton New Jersey, United States of America (the).  November 9, 2017
  • "Integrating Environmental Genomics Into Biogeochemical Models", Institute for Data Intensive Engineering and Science Annual Symposium.  Baltimore Maryland, United States of America (the).  October 20, 2017
  • "Dynamics of Microbial Populations and Biogeochemical Processes in Aquatic Dead-Zones", OEAS Seminar.  Norfolk Virginia, United States of America (the).  October 12, 2017
  • "Dynamics of Microbial Diversity and Biogeochemical Processes in the Chesapeake Bay Dead-Zone", Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting.  Portland, OR.  August 8, 2017
  • "Modeling the dynamics of biogeochemical processes and bacterial diversity in anoxic aquatic environments", Society for Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology Annual Meeting.  Denver Colorado, United States of America (the).  August 1, 2017
  • "Using a Biogeochemical Model to Interpret the Spatial and Temproal Dynamics of Microorganisms in a Seasonally Stratified Lake", Aquatic Sciences Meeting.  Honolulu, HI.  February 28, 2017
  • "Bacteria Form Distinct Ecological Groups That May Impact Nutrient Cycling and Dead Zone Formation in the Chesapeake Bay", Mid-Atlantic Microbiome Meeting.  College Park, MD.  November 2, 2016
  • "Bacteria Form Distinct Ecological Groups That May Impact Nutrient Cycling and Dead Zone Formation in the Chesapeake Bay", ASM Microbe 2016.  Boston, MA.  June 18, 2016
  • "Modeling the Dynamics of Biogeochemical Processes and Bacterial Diversity in Aquatic Dead-Zones", Biology Department Seminar Series.  Baltimore, MD.  May 5, 2016
  • "Modeling the dynamic feedback between microbial communities and their environment", First Workshop on Challenges in Microbiome Data Analysis.  160 Fifth Ave., New York, NY.  February 26, 2016
  • "Ecology and the Environment", Naval Academy Science and Engineering Conference.  Annapolis, MD.  November 8, 2015
  • "Modeling the Dynamics of Biogeochemical Processes and Bacterial Diversity in Aquatic Dead-Zones", 9th Annual Genomics and Bioinformatics Symposium.  Baltimore, MD.  October 22, 2015
  • "Modeling the Dynamics of Biogeochemical Processes and Bacterial Diversity in Aquatic Dead-Zones", Bromery seminar series.  Baltimore, MD.  September 24, 2015
  • "Organizing diversity data into functional units to explain bacterial distribution patterns in a stratified lake", Microbiome Seminar Series.  April 9, 2015
  • "Quantitative modeling and single-cell gene fusion technique explains bacterial community structure in a dynamic ecosystem", Civil and Environmental Engineering Departmental Seminar.  Newark, DE.  April 3, 2015
  • "Distribution-based clustering: using ecology to refine the operational taxonomic unit", High-Resolution Microbiome Informatics Meeting.  Woods Hole, MA.  March 19, 2015
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