John J. Boland

Professor Emeritus

Research Interests

environmental economics and policy

  • Ph.D. 1973, The Johns Hopkins University
  • 2012 - Present:  Lecturer, WSE Engineering for Professionals (EP)
  • 2002 - 2002:  Chair, US Army Corps of Engineers
  • 2004:  Distinguished Engineering Alumnus - Gannon University
Journal Articles
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  • Dangi MB, Schoenberger E, Boland JJ (2015).  Foreign aid in waste management: A case of Kathmandu, Nepal.  Habitat International.  49.  393-402.
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Book Chapters
  • Boland JJ, Baumann D (2009).  Water resources planning: Past, present and future.  The Evolution of Water Resource Planning and Decision Making.  1-13.
  • Boland JJ, Flores N, Howe CW (2009).  The theory and practice of benefit-cost analysis.  The Evolution of Water Resource Planning and Decision Making.  82-135.
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