Erica Schoenberger


Research Interests

economic geography, environmental history, environmental politics and policy, history of mining, history of the automobile, interdisciplinary scientific collaboration

Erica Schoenberger has published a book, Nature, Choice and Social Power, that takes a historical-geographical approach to understanding how we created the environmental mess we are in and what is preventing us from addressing it appropriately.  The extraordinary amount of resources that we have put into creating environmental problems suggests that we are going to need very large investments to fix them.  Rather than shrinking from environmental outcomes we don’t want, she argues, we need to grow towards outcomes we do want.  All you ever wanted to know about gold mining, the automobile and suburban sprawl.  The book is published by Routledge.

  • Ph.D. 1984, University of California, Berkeley
  • Other Master's Degree (MCP) 1979, University of California, Berkeley
  • B.A. 1974, Stanford University
  • 2014 - Present
  • 1989 - Present:  Professor, JHU-KSAS
Research Areas
  • Automobile industry
  • Corporate culture and strategy
  • Electronics industry
  • Environmental and social history of gold mining
  • International competitiveness
  • Multinational corporate investment and location strategies
  • Environmental history
  • 2012:  Odebrecht Award for Innovation in Sustainable Development - 2nd place (faculty advisor)
Journal Articles
  • Ellis, J. H., Schoenberger, E. (2017).  On the identification of associations between five World Health Organization water, sanitation and hygiene phenotypes and six predictors in low and middle income countries.  PLOS One.  12(1).  1-19.
  • Feldman, M., Schoenberger, E. (2016).  Difference in Economic Geography.  Environment and Planning A.  48(10).  2089-2092.
  • Schoenberger, E. (2016).  Can there be environmentally sustainable mining? The question of tailings storage facilities..  Resources Policy.  49.  119-128.
  • Schoenberger, E., Walker, R. A. (2016).  Beyond Exchange: Toward a Wider View of the Economy of Cities.  Journal of Economic Geography.  16(5).  1-24.
  • Schoenberger, E. (2016).  Maynard and Iris: Environmental Keynesianism and Deep Democracy.  Dialogues in Human Geography.  6(2).  152-157.
  • Dangi, M., Boland, J. J., Schoenberger, E. (2015).  Foreign Aid in Waste Management: A Case Study of Kathmandu, Nepal.  Habitat International.  49.  393-402.
  • Weiss, M. A., Schoenberger, E. (2015).  Peter Hall and the Western Urban and Regional Collective at the University of California at Berkeley.  Built Environment.  41(1).  120-134.
  • Schoenberger, E. (2016).  Levels of Analysis:Comments on Christopher's The Great Leveller.  Environment and Planning A.  48(12).  2547-2549.
  • Schoenberger, E. (2015).  Nature, Choice and Social Power.  Routledge.  223.
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