Ciaran Harman

Assistant Professor; Russell Croft Faculty Scholar

Research Interests

landscape hydrology and transport

  • Ph.D. 2011, University of Illinois
  • M.S. 2007, University of Illinois
  • B.A. 2003, University of Western Australia
  • Other Bachelor's Degree (B.Eng.) 2003, University of Western Australia
Research Areas
  • Understanding flow and transport across hydrologic scales, and their link to the co-evolution of landscape structure, using a combination of theory, experiments, modeling, field work and data analysis.
  • 2011:  Ross J. Martin Award
  • 2010:  Horton (Hydrology) Research Grant
  • 2010:  Mavis Future Faculty Fellowship
  • 2008:  Excellence in Teaching
  • 2006:  Beatty Fellowship
  • 2005:  Beatty Fellowship
  • 2002:  Undergraduate Groundwater Prize
Journal Articles
  • Rinaldo, A., Benettin, P., Harman, C., Hrachowitz, M., McGuire, K. J., van der Velde, Y., Bertuzzo, E., Botter, G. (2015).  Storage selection functions: A coherent framework for quantifying how catchments store and release water and solutes.  Water Resources Research.  51(6).  4840–4847.
  • Harman, C. (2015).  Time-variable transit time distributions and transport: Theory and application to storage-dependent transport of chloride in a watershed.  Water Resources Research.  51(1).  1–30.
  • St Clair, J., Moon, S., Holbrook, W. S., Perron, J. T., Riebe, C. S., Martel, S. J., Carr, B., Harman, C., Singha, K., Richter, D. D. (2015).  Geophysical imaging reveals topographic stress control of bedrock weathering.  Science (New York, N.Y.).  350(6260).  534–538.
  • Li, H., Sivapalan, M., Tian, F., Harman, C. (2014).  Functional approach to exploring climatic and landscape controls of runoff generation: 1. Behavioral constraints on runoff volume.  Water Resources Research.  50(12).  9300–9322.
  • Harman, C., Kim, M. (2014).  An efficient tracer test for time-variable transit time distributions in periodic hydrodynamic systems.  Geophysical Research Letters.  41(5).  1567–1575.
  • Ehret, U., Gupta, H. V., Sivapalan, M., Weijs, S. V., Schymanski, S. J., Bloschl, G., Gelfan, A N., Harman, C., Kleidon, A., Bogaard, T. A., Wang, D., Wagener, T., Scherer, U., Zehe, E., Bierkens, M. F., Di Baldassarre, G., Parajka, J., van Beek, L P H., van Griensven, A., Westhoff, M. C., Winsemius, H. C. (2014).  Advancing catchment hydrology to deal with predictions under change.  Hydrology and Earth System Sciences.  18(2).  649–671.
  • Harman, C., Lohse, K. A., Troch, P. A., Sivapalan, M. (2014).  Spatial patterns of vegetation, soils, and microtopography from terrestrial laser scanning on two semiarid hillslopes of contrasting lithology.  Journal of Geophysical Research - Biogeosciences.  119(2).  163–180.
  • Harman, C., Troch, P. A. (2014).  What makes Darwinian hydrology "Darwinian"? Asking a different kind of question about landscapes.  Hydrology and Earth System Sciences.  18(2).  417–433.
  • Thompson, S. E., Sivapalan, M., Harman, C., Srinivasan, V., Hipsey, M. R., Reed, P., Montanari, A., Bloschl, G. (2013).  Developing predictive insight into changing water systems: use-inspired hydrologic science for the Anthropocene.  Hydrology and Earth System Sciences.  17(12).  5013–5039.
  • Thompson, S. E., Sivapalan, M., Harman, C., Srinivasan, V., Hipsey, M. R., Reed, P., Montanari, A., Bloschl, G. (2013).  Developing predictive insight into changing water systems: use-inspired hydrologic science for the Anthropocene..  Hydrology and Earth System Sciences.  17(12).
  • Montanari, A., Young, G., Savenije, H. H., Hughes, D., Wagener, T., Ren, L. L., Koutsoyiannis, D., Cudennec, C., Toth, E., Grimaldi, S., Bloschl, G., Sivapalan, M., Beven, K., Gupta, H., Hipsey, M., Schaefli, B., Arheimer, B., Boegh, E., Schymanski, S. J., Di Baldassarre, G., Yu, B., Hubert, P., Huang, Y., Schumann, A., Post, D. A., Srinivasan, V., Harman, C., Thompson, S., Rogger, M., Viglione, A., McMillan, H., Characklis, G., Pang, Z., Belyaev, V. (2013).  “Panta Rhei—Everything Flows”: Change in hydrology and society—The IAHS Scientific Decade 2013–2022.  Hydrological Sciences Journal.  58(6).  1256–1275.
  • Troch, P. A., Berne, A., Bogaart, P., Harman, C., Hilberts, A. G., Lyon, S. W., Paniconi, C., Pauwels, V. R., Rupp, D. E., Selker, J. S., Teuling, A. J., Uijlenhoet, R., Verhoest, N. E. (2013).  The importance of hydraulic groundwater theory in catchment hydrology: The legacy of Wilfried Brutsaert and Jean-Yves Parlange.  Water Resources Research.  49.  5099–5116.
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  • Gall, H. E., Park, J., Harman, C., Jawitz, J. W., Rao, P. (2012).  Landscape filtering of hydrologic and biogeochemical responses in managed catchments.  Landscape Ecology.
  • Patil, S., Sivapalan, M., Hassan, M. A., Ye, S., Harman, C., Xu, X. (2012).  A network model for prediction and diagnosis of sediment dynamics at the watershed scale.  Journal of Geophysical Research.  117.  F00A04.
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Other Publications
  • Harman, C. (2011).  Landscape structure, regimes, and the co-evolution of hydrologic systems.  Department of Civil Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
  • "Assessing the Potential Toxicity Hazard to Aquatic Life from Immersion of Insecticide-Treated Mosquito Nets During Fishing and Washing", Annual Meeting American Society for Tropical Medicine and Hygiene.  Atlanta, GA.  November 16, 2016
  • "Getting the tail to wag the dog: Incorporating groundwater transport into catchment solute transport models using rank StorAge Selection (rSAS) functions", American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting.  San Francisco, CA.  2015
  • "Hyporheic transport in headwater mountain streams is time-invariant in locations where geologic controls dominate hydrologic forcing", American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting.  San Francisco, CA.  2015
  • "Implications of an "Inverse Storage Effect" on the Sensitivity of Watershed Transit Times to Rainfall Variability at Plynlimon, Wales", American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting.  San Francisco, CA.  2015
  • "Internal versus external controls on age variability: Definitions, origins and implications in a changing climate", American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting.  San Francisco, CA.  2015
  • "Relative controls of external and internal variability on time-variable transit time distributions, and the importance of StorAge Selection function approaches", American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting.  San Francisco, CA.  2015
  • "The Relative Importance of Time-Variable Transport through Hillslope and Riparian Hydrogeomorphic Units on the Emergent TTD of a Small Forested Piedmont Watershed", American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting.  San Francisco, CA.  2015
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  • "Modeling the linkages between transit time distributions, nitrate transport, and climate variability: opportunities and challenges in the Chesapeake Bay watershed", Northeastern Section Meeting.  Bretton Woods, NH.  2015
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  • "Well if it isn't 'well-mixed', what is it?: A new theoretical framework for modeling unsteady transport through control volumes, and applications to long-term and high-frequency solute transport dynamics in catchments", Department of Earth and Planetary Science Bromery lecture.  Baltimore, MD.  February 20, 2014
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