Leading Innovation Design Team

Leading Innovation Design Team (LINDT) is a multi-semester (minimum 2-semesters, maximum 5-years for masters students) course that affords students the opportunity to leverage their creativity and core engineering knowledge to work directly with a world-class instruction team and a sponsor to solve a real-world problem. We’re calling on all innovators and/or those who want to experience first-hand the joys and challenges of the professional engineering world.

This new and exciting course will start in Fall 2017. Freshmen and sophomores are encouraged to register for EN.520.250 (1-credit) and juniors and seniors are encouraged to register for EN.520.462 (3-credits). EN.520.462 fulfills the advanced lab requirements for ECE students. For masters and graduate students, you can register in EN.520.662 and that satisfies (project dependent) the requirements for the special project or 2 graduate courses.

Below is an initial list of projects, some germinated in the iCubed Series, and others have an external sponsor already. More will be added, so please check the site regularly.


Current Projects

  • Bluetooth Enabled Hospital Solution for Patient Safety – The aim is to conduct a technology evaluation, including feasibility, usability, and user experience, of a medical sensor-based Internet of things (IoT) system in facilitating nursing response to bed exits and bathroom entrance/exit in an acute care hospital. Subsequently, the system will be able to track the movement of medical professionals to optimize for distance of care and reduce in-facility transit times.

  • Crowdsourcing –  This has increasingly become a better way to collect and access campus information (examples: gym/classroom/study areas availability, what’s happening and where…), any entrepreneurs out there, this may be a perfect idea for a startup!

  • Zero Gravity Helmet for Medical Brain Scanning/Imaging – One of the coolest projects, guaranteed to make you world famous as well!

  • Aiding Mechanisms for Disabilities –  This project can potentially change someone’s life for the better; how many of us have that opportunity?

  • Gilman Tunnel –  If you are looking to leave your legacy on campus and/or are artistic, creative, and/or interested in working on a cool project, here’s your opportunity. Join the Gilman Project Team to give the Gilman Tunnel a face lift using your skills, art, and technology. Don’t miss on the opportunity to have your name affiliated with a campus landmark.

  • A project of your choosing – Let your own imagination be the limit.

Past Projects

  • Drone Delivery (for campus and other controlled space environments) –  If you want to become world famous, here’s your opportunity!

  • Oysters Here We Come –  Create a tracking system for underwater cages. If you like the outdoors, the environment, and specifically water activities,  and would like to combine both education and hobby, this is the project for you.

  • Drone Killer –   This low-cost platform will track another drone in flight and negate it. A robotic hawk is likely the best long-term solution to the drone nuisance and another great startup opportunity.


    Robotic Lawn Mower – If you are looking to earn the bragging rights to a cool product that brings people the joy of having a nicely trimmed lawn, this project is for you. You will work closely with the innovation team at Stanley Black & Decker to develop one of the world’s smartest robotic lawn mowers. As a bonus, you also give yourself a shot at getting hired by the B&D’s innovation team.

  • Venus Fly Trap – The Venus Fly Trap is a scalable, secure package delivery container able to accept deliveries from traditional couriers such as the United States Postal Service, United Parcel Service, FedEx, etc., as well as drone delivery from e-commerce providers such as Amazon. The Venus Fly Trap container is anchored at a customer designated location and, upon delivery of a package, will send a notification to the recipient that a package is awaiting pickup along with a recovery code to open the container. This solution is scalable from individual mailboxes to banks of containers serving large communities.Venus Fly Trap shall accommodate packages up to 2’x2’x2’ in size. Refrigerated containers are also an option for food delivery services such as Blue Apron.

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