Leading Innovation Design Team

Leading Innovation Design Team (LINDT) is a multi-semester (minimum 2-semesters, maximum 5-years for masters students) course that affords students the opportunity to leverage their creativity and core engineering knowledge to work directly with a world-class instruction team and a sponsor to solve a real-world problem. We’re calling on all innovators and/or those who want to experience first-hand the joys and challenges of the professional engineering world. This new and exciting course started in Fall 2017.

Freshmen and sophomores are encouraged to register for EN.520.250 (1-credit) and juniors and seniors are encouraged to register for EN.520.462 (3-credits). EN.520.462 fulfills the advanced lab requirements for ECE students. For masters and graduate students, you can register in EN.520.662 and that satisfies (project dependent) the requirements for the special project or 2 graduate courses.

For more up to date information, please check out the course’s site.

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