All recipients with Andreas Andreou and Susanna Thon

Congratulations to all ECE 2021 Convocation award recipients! All ECE recipients are listed below. Click here to see winners from all of WSE.

ECE’s recipients were honored during an in-person ceremony on May 3. Click here to watch the recording of that event.

Afterwards, recipients were photographed individually, as a group, as well as with both ECE Department Chair Andreas Andreou and ECE associate professor Susanna Thon, who is the Director of Undergraduate Studies for the department.

If you would like to see a list of winners from past years, click here.



Faculty Awards

Johns Hopkins Alumni Association Excellence in Teaching Award – This award honors extraordinary dedication to the university’s teaching mission, exceptional performance in the classroom, and a continuing commitment to tomorrow’s leaders.

Awarded to Enrique Mallada, ECE Assistant Professor

Enrique Mallada

Student Awards

John Boswell Whitehead Award – John Boswell Whitehead was named Professor of Electrical Engineering in 1910 and began a program in Applied Electricity that led to the formation of the Electrical Engineering Department. Professor Whitehead was also the first Dean of the School of Engineering. This award is presented annually for outstanding achievements in electrical and computer engineering by an undergraduate student.

Awarded to Russ Huang.

Russ Huang

The Charles A. Conklin Award – Charles A. Conklin III earned his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Johns Hopkins in 1927. This award is presented to outstanding Electrical and Computer Engineering seniors to recognize their academic achievements.

Computer Engineering: Vishnu Joshi

Vishnu Joshi

Electrical Engineering: Benjamin Huang

Benjamin Huang

William H. Huggins Awards – William H. Huggins was chair of the Electrical Engineering Department from 1970 to 1975. Dr. Huggins was a member of the National Academy of Engineering, a fellow of the IEEE, and was the recipient of the IEEE Educational Medal and the IEEE Edison Medal. These awards are presented annually to senior and junior students in Electrical and Computer Engineering for outstanding scholarship and service to the department and to his or her fellow students.

Computer Engineering Junior: Jingguo Liang

Computer Engineering Senior: Sara Weill

Sara Weill

Electrical Engineering Junior: Peter Weiss

Peter Weiss

Electrical Engineering Senior: Robert Aviles

Robert Aviles

The Electrical & Computer Engineering Student Service Award – This award is given to students who selflessly give their time, energy, and creativity to support and assist other students, faculty, and staff in Electrical & Computer Engineering.

Awarded to Zachary Poole and Peter Weiss.

Zachary Poole

Peter Weiss

The Muly Family Undergraduate Research Award – This award supports undergraduate student research and is awarded annually to an exceptional undergraduate student conducting research in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. It was established by Emil ’56 and Faye Muly in honor of their family who include several generations of Hopkins alumni.

Awarded to Eric Rong.

Eric Rong

IEEE Leadership Award – The IEEE Leadership Award is given to a senior who has demonstrated significant leadership qualities and has served as a student leader during their time at Johns Hopkins.

Awarded to Kevin Nodarse.

Kevin Nodarse