LINDT projects for 2019-20 school year announced

August 15, 2019

The Leading Innovation Design Team has announced its projects for the upcoming school year. They are listed below. If you want more information on a project, either contact LINDT’s lead instructor, ECE associate research professor and lecturer Charbel Rizk, or check out the course’s website.


Team Decon. From left to right: Charbel Rizk (Instructor), Matthew Chea, Neel Kovelamudi, Miles Liu, Thomas DiSorbo, Alia Nasrallah, Nafisa Amir (not pictured).

The Opportunity: Healthcare associated infections (HAI) are dangerous and expensive. About 1.7 million people acquire infections in hospitals each year, resulting in about 100,000 deaths and direct annual medical costs of at least $28 billion. Autonomous systems used to decontaminate surfaces, air, and other transmission vectors have the potential to dramatically reduce risks and costs in a wide range of clinical settings. We are calling on all JHU innovators to develop robots that autonomously detect and disinfect healthcare facilities and assess how such systems can be cost-effectively deployed while assuring that they operate safely and effectively. This project is best suited for the Hopkins community as it spans two of our strongest areas: medical and robotics.

Sponsor: JHU Applied Physics Lab (JHU APL)

Sepsis Detection

Team Sepsis Detection. From left to right: Charbel Rizk (Instructor), Bidyut Mani, Junjun Chen, Antara Raisa, Bochong Chen, Victoria Lai (Teaching Assistant).

The Opportunity: Sepsis is a life-threatening condition that arises when the body’s response to an infection. It can rapidly cause tissue damage, organ failure and death. This project involves designing hardware or software tools that can help users conduct early diagnosis for their probability of Sepsis infection based on their inputs and also can offer them some advice, or to help patients keep tracking of their Sepsis treatment and symptoms by collecting data in different phase of the treatment to help improving their health condition.

evGrand Prix

Team eVGrand Prix. From left to right: Victoria Lai (Teaching Assistant), Ryan Hanks, Peter Weiss, Kyungmo Choi, Siddharth Kothiyal, Kaiwen Zhang, Charbel Rizk (Instructor).


The Opportunity: Calling on all the racing, robotics, and AI enthusiasts, the JHU Innovation community is about to take on another Grand Challenge: The evGrand Prix. Who’s in?

Sponsor: ECE Lindt & ME Senior Design

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