All of the Johns Hopkins Engineering diversity and inclusion initiatives are overseen by a DEI Taskforce

The purpose of the taskforce is to investigate and assess the school’s performance and potential in four key areas:

  • Recruitment, representation, and access (demographic diversity) – How do we increase the diversity of our faculty, staff, postdocs, and students?
  • Culture and climate (inclusion, belonging, and lived experiences) – How can we transform our culture to achieve inclusion and belonging? What are the social, academic, or other structural barriers that may inhibit full membership and participation?
  • Advancement and development – How do we support the growth and success of all members of our academic community?
  • Organizational infrastructure – What are the processes, policies, and practices that must be implemented to support equity and inclusion for all groups? How do we best measure and improve the effectiveness of our programs and initiatives?


GradPath Collaborative

GradPath Collaborative at Johns Hopkins Engineering was created to strengthen partnerships with Historically Black Colleges and Universities that prepare students for graduate studies in science and engineering.

Passport to Future Technology Leadership

Passport to Future Technology Leadership (PFTL) is a program to enhance skills and create opportunities for URM doctoral students interested in industry careers.