Last updated: April 15, 2020 at 1:22 p.m.

Please use WSE’s COVID-19 Information website to stay informed about COVID-19-related communications that have been shared with the Whiting School of Engineering community.

It is expected that after spring break, your online sessions will be held at their regularly scheduled meeting times. While the content of your class sessions may need to be altered, it is the policy of our school that routine contact with students through synchronous interaction over Zoom ( is the best way to maintain continuity during this period.

Your instructor may also choose to deliver some content asynchronously by posting pre-recorded lectures for you to watch outside of normal class time. When this occurs, it is our expectation that instructors will use the designated class time for discussion, to answer questions, and engage in productive faculty-student interactions. We understand that this may be more challenging for students outside the U.S. Eastern Time zone.

Check in with your instructor by sending them an email to let them know which sessions you will have trouble attending. Your instructor may record the class sessions and post them online, they may record separate lectures for you to view, or they may make their class notes available and hold office hours via Zoom ( at a time that is more convenient for you. It is up to each individual faculty member to decide how to most effectively to meet the needs of their students.

Students who are experiencing technical issues are encouraged to contact our WSE instructional support team at the email address [email protected].

If you run into financial issues related to accessing computer technology or internet bandwidth from home, please call, email, or request a virtual appointment with a JHU financial aid adviser.

A website has been created to help students with Zoom: It includes information about downloading the software and FAQs. We anticipate that students will also use Zoom to videoconference with each other while working on group projects and group assignments. We understand that access to on-line tools like Zoom may present challenges for some students. If you encounter problems with access to the Zoom technology contact the Zoom support team.

As soon as you feel that your health or the health of those around you is having a significant impact on your ability to participate fully in your classes, you should reach out to your instructors. They can assist you by making accommodations, such as adjusting due dates and/or their expectations regarding your participation. This will also prepare your instructor to consult with you after you or your family member has recovered to determine whether the disruption you experienced was significant enough to warrant an Incomplete grade for the class.

An incomplete grade will permit the faculty member to extend the time you have to complete the necessary work. If an incomplete is the best option, you and the faculty member will need to work together to come up with a realistic plan for completing the work required so that a final grade can be recorded. This work may continue into the following term if necessary.

Please visit the Office of International Services FAQs about these questions.

No. In order to protect the health and safety of our community, undergraduates do not have access to Hopkins research facilities. If you are registered for research for credit, please consult with your research supervisor to discuss how this might continue without access to Johns Hopkins facilities.

Advising Week for the fall 2020 semester will begin on Monday, April 6, 2020. This is a change to the original plan to begin on Monday, March 30. Advising alerts will be applied in SIS on Monday, March 23. The fall 2020 schedule of classes will be available in SIS on Monday, April 6. As of now, fall 2020 registration dates have not changed: rising and continuing seniors will begin on Monday, April 20; rising juniors on Wednesday, April 22; rising sophomores on Friday, April 24.

Further information on the advising and registration process will be forthcoming from the WSE Advising Office as well as your major department(s); we want you to have some time to settle into the new mode of instruction before you concern yourself with details about advising for registration.

Summer registration is already underway and is continuing. It is not yet determined whether we will have in-person or remote-only summer instruction.