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STEM Outreach

Women in Science and Engineering

Through the WISE program, young women gain research experience and mentorship from Whiting School faculty and graduate students.

Hands-On at Barclay

Johns Hopkins Engineering undergrads learn the ins and outs of teaching STEM subjects—and help elementary and middle school students achieve.

STEM Achievement

Baltimore City Public Schools has adopted the SABES curriculum for all 124 BCPS schools.

At the Whiting School, we’re fortunate to work with an abundance of highly qualified, creative students who have chosen to study engineering here. At the same time, we are acutely aware that American students – particularly women and minorities—lag behind their peers overseas in achievement in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM, for short).

Our Center for Educational Outreach is addressing this problem in innovative ways, from community-based programs that bring middle and high school students to campus to those that offer enrichment in STEM education to their teachers to partnerships with local corporations that support internships and enrichment programs.

Perhaps our most notable outreach program, Engineering Innovation, is an introductory engineering course designed to help high-school students develop the skills to think and problem solve like engineers.

STEM Education Programs and Resources

We also are reaching almost 2,000 elementary school students in high-minority, low resource neighborhoods via a unique partnership aimed at transforming STEM education in Baltimore City Schools. Called “STEM Achievement in Baltimore City Schools” (SABES), this $7.5 million National Science Foundation grant will make STEM education a community affair, involving teachers, students, parents and stakeholders in a new curriculum and approach that promises to become a national model.

To learn how you may support our STEM outreach efforts, please contact Tim Richardson.

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