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Strategy is about defining where to play and how to win. The Office of Strategy Management at the Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering helps leaders assess where they are, where they want to go, and who they must beat to get there.  To do this, we lead the Whiting School’s planning and performance management activities, identify strategic growth opportunities, foster key partnerships, and provide organizational innovation support.

Featured Initiatives

  • My WSE

    In partnership with WSE Marcom, IT, CDLT, and IR, we are building a schoolwide intranet to foster information architecture and knowledge mobilization.

  • WSE Strategy Debriefs

    We’re convening department, center, and institute leaders, as well as members from the dean’s office to discuss the broad strategic themes and needs from central.

  • Department Strategy Reviews

    We’re meeting with department leadership annually to foster strategic planning best practices and alignment with WSE’s strategic plan.

  • NeuroTech Harbor

    In partnership with the GELL and ORT, we are building an inclusive innovation ecosystem to incubate game-changing neurotechnology.

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