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Named Professorships

Creating an Endowed Professorship

The excellence of Johns Hopkins rests on its ability to attract and retain the very finest faculty members and academic leaders. Endowed professorships support the work of outstanding faculty, significantly advancing their work as teachers, scholars, researchers, and clinicians.

Endowment gifts are invested by Johns Hopkins. A portion of the income is spent each year for the designated purpose and the remainder is added to the principal. Donors may choose to name an endowed professorship for themselves and/or in honor or memory of someone else.

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WSE Named Professorships

Abel Wolman Professorship in Environmental Engineering

Alonzo G. Decker Chair in Mechanical Engineering

Alonzo G. Decker, Jr. Chair in Science and Engineering

B. Howell Griswold Jr. Professorship in Geography and International Affairs

Benjamin T. Rome Deanship

Bloomberg Distinguished Associate Professorship in Computer Science and Biology

Bloomberg Distinguished Professorship in Big Data

Bloomberg Distinguished Professorship in Business and Engineering

Bloomberg Distinguished Professorship in Cell Dynamics

Bloomberg Distinguished Professorship in Computational Biology

Bloomberg Distinguished Professorship in Computational Cognitive Science

Bloomberg Distinguished Professorship in Data Intensive Computation & Interference

Bloomberg Distinguished Professorship in Epigenetics

Bloomberg Distinguished Professorship in Single-Molecule Biophysics

Charles A. Miller Jr. Distinguished Professorship in Mechanical Engineering

Edward J. Schaefer Professorship in Electrical Engineering

Edward J. Schaefer Professorship in Engineering

Herschel and Ruth Seder Chair in Biomedical Engineering

Jacob Suter Jammer Professorship in Electrical Engineering

John C. Malone Professorships

Joseph R. and Lynn C. Reynolds Professorship

Julian S. Smith Endowed Professorship in Electrical Engineering

Louis M. Sardella Professorship in Mechanical Engineering

Mandell Bellmore Professorship in Computer Science

Michael G. Callas Professorship in Civil Engineering

Murray B. Sachs Professorship

Raj and Neera Singh Professorship

Theodore M. and Kay W. Schad Professorship in Environmental Management

Theophilus Halley Smoot Professorship in Engineering

Willard and Lillian Hackerman Professorship in Civil Engineering

William B. Kouwenhoven Professorship in Electrical Engineering

William F. Ward Sr. Distinguished Professorship

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