The Advisory Board’s Mission

  • Provide candid and constructive advice, based on insights and expertise, on issues critical to the success of the Whiting School.
  • Serve as an advocacy arm of the Whiting School to industry and government, informing them of educational and research opportunities.
  • Increase the Whiting School’s resources and support.
  • Promote the Whiting School’s efforts to Hopkins constituents, such as the board of trustees, alumni, and officers.

Membership Guidelines

  • Members will serve a three-year term, with the option to renew once. After the second term, members will step down for at least one year before being considered for further service on the advisory board.
  • Members will be asked to attend two advisory board meetings each year.
  • Members will be called upon by the dean outside of the advisory board meetings to respond to ideas and issues relating to the Whiting School.
  • Members will be asked to help increase the Whiting School’s financial resources and expand its base of charitable support.

Board Meetings

Two general meetings of the advisory board will be held each year. One meeting will be held in the fall in conjunction with, whenever possible, meetings of the Johns Hopkins Alumni Council and other leadership groups. The second meeting will be held in the spring. All meetings are presided over by the chair, appointed by the dean. Ad Hoc committees or task forces are formed as needed.

Meet the Board Members

The Whiting School of Engineering Advisory Board members bring important insights and expertise to assist the School in reviewing critical issues.

For Members

Access the WSE Advisory Board portal here. Only members of the Whiting School of Engineering Advisory Board and staff of Johns Hopkins University are given access to this page. If you need assistance please call 410-516-8723.