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Researchers look to Twitter to better understand vaccine refusal

February 24, 2015

A Johns Hopkins computer scientist is part of a team of researchers that has developed a new way to understand vaccine refusal by studying an unlikely resource: Twitter. The researchers will combine Twitter analyses with traditional survey techniques to study why people refuse vaccines and how these reasons vary among communities. The focus on vaccination […]

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Betenbaugh wins ACS BIOT Division’s Marvin J. Johnson Award

February 19, 2015

Michael J. Betenbaugh, professor in the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and chair of the Engineering for Professionals program, has been selected by the American Chemical Society’s Division of Biochemical Technology to receive the Marvin J. Johnson Award in Microbial and Biochemical Technology. This honor recognizes outstanding research contributions toward the advancement of microbial […]

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ABC News: Wedding dress designer helps with new Ebola suit

February 16, 2015

ABC News reported that a suit designed by a team at Johns Hopkins to protect health care workers treating patients with Ebola made its debut at New York’s Fashion Week last week. The story focuses on Jill Andrews, a Baltimore clothing designer, who has been working with the Hopkins team on the suit since last October. […]

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Check out the winners from HopHacks

February 16, 2015 Baltimore reported that the most recent edition of Johns Hopkins’ hackathon, called “HopHacks,” attracted more than 160 students, who produced 31 projects over the 36-hour event. Participants traveled to Baltimore from Georgetown, Stanford, University of Pennsylvania, University of Delaware, SUNY Stony Brook and Penn State, as well as from other colleges in Maryland. Read […]

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Baltimore Sun: Ebola suit to be shown at New York’s fashion week

February 12, 2015

The Baltimore Sun reports that Jill Andrews, a wedding gown designer based in Keswick, will be participating in a “pop up” lounge at New York’s Fashion Week, showcasing an award-winning suit she helped design to protect medical staff from the Ebola virus. “This is such an honor. This is beyond what I expected,” she said. Andrews worked […]

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WYPR reports on FastForward East

February 11, 2015

WYPR reporter Kenneth Burns reported that Johns Hopkins University has started a second business accelerator in East Baltimore called Fast Forward East. Listen to the story, or read a printed version, here.

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Baltimore Sun reports on opening of FastForward East

February 10, 2015

The Baltimore Sun reported that Johns Hopkins University has opened a second business incubator, FastForward East, at the medical campus in East Baltimore about two years after opening the first one at the Homewood campus. Read the complete story here.

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