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Silicon Valley accelerator Y Combinator to pay visit to Johns Hopkins

February 5, 2016

Hours before the kickoff of the biannual HopHacks hackathon on Friday, organizers will welcome two members of the Silicon Valley tech accelerator Y Combinator, which has served as an incubator and fundraiser for tech giants such as DropBox, Airbnb, and Reddit. Y Combinator partner Dalton Caldwell and hardware specialist Luke Iseman will host a talk, […]

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JHU explore the hidden (and delicious) world of chocolate — for science, of course

February 4, 2016

Even the most die-hard chocolate lovers probably haven’t considered what the confection looks like on a molecular level. Just ask Victoria Michael, one of the students who took “Chocolate: An Introduction to Materials Science” during Johns Hopkins University’s intersession. “It’s incredibly cool to get a totally new perspective like this on chocolate, which is something […]

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