Understanding Complexity in Markovian Interaction Networks

John Goutsias depicts theoretical and computational approach for characterizing and analyzing complexity in nonlinear interaction networks with Markovian dynamics.

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Compressive Ultrahigh-speed Continuous Imaging

Mark Foster demonstrates broadband laser pulses and fiber optic dispersion processing can be used to temporarily encode laser pulses with a random sequence.

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Motion Sensing in Visual Biology

Dr. Ralph Etienne-Cummings and Alum Garrick Orchard review motion sensing in visual biology.

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Piano Staircase

Johns Hopkins students transform Hackerman Hall steps into giant piano.

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The Eyes Have It

Jerry Prince teams up with Peter Calabresi on a simple eye scan that may revolutionize the assessment and understanding of multiple sclerosis.

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Surgical Tools in a New Light

Jin Kang is using laser light to measure submillimeter distances and to create
highly accurate, detailed images of tissue features just microns in size.

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