To help achieve a high standard of safe laboratory practice, appropriate safety training is required for everyone working in DMSE laboratories. Completion of this safety training regimen, including the annual review, is required for all researchers who use the DMSE laboratories.

Please email [email protected] to be given access to the DMSE Lab Safety Training on Canvas.

The instructions to complete this mandatory safety training are available for download on this website. Please complete the Canvas quizzes and attend a lab walkthrough of the MSE shared-use labs with Alden Murphy ([email protected]). Please meet Alden outside MD 5. 

Once the required forms are completed and signed email them to Alden Murphy or bring them to Maryland Hall room 211. Then you will be able to receive access to the laboratories or to schedule additional equipment training. 

You should also receive a lab safety walkthrough for any lab you will use often from the safety representative of that lab. You can contact your PI to organize this.

Failure to complete required training in a timely manner, or a failure to adhere to established safety policies and procedures, will result in revocation of laboratory privileges.


Safety Orientation

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