Scholarships and Fellowships

Merit and need-based grants, work-study opportunities, and federal student loans to undergraduate students are administered by the Office of Student Financial Services. This office also provides access to federal student loans and work-study opportunities for graduate students.


Students who have graduated with a Johns Hopkins University undergraduate degree automatically earn a Dean’s Master’s Fellowship covering half of tuition for every semester of full-time enrollment in a WSE master’s degree program, provided they have either: (a) completed eight full-time semesters of study at Johns Hopkins, or (b) have not been enrolled at JHU for at least one year.

Students pursuing a combined bachelor’s and master’s degree who have not yet completed eight full-time semesters of study at JHU, and have retained undergraduate status, are eligible to continue to apply for undergraduate financial aid through the Office of Student Financial Services.

Students who have completed all the coursework, other than research, required for an MSE degree in Materials Science and Engineering and are in good academic standing may be eligible for a Master’s Research Scholarship. Please see the following form for details.


All doctoral students are fully funded (tuition, health insurance and stipend) for the duration of their PhD program while they are in a fulltime, resident status. In their first year, doctoral students are typically supported by a fellowship, after which they are supported as research assistants.

Assistantships include:

  • Full tuition support (80% tuition remission, with the remaining 20% covered either by the student’s research advisor or by the department via fellowships)
  • Stipend for living expenses ($31, 500 for the 2019-2020 academic year)
  • Individual health insurance

Qualified PhD students are strongly encouraged to apply for external fellowships. These prestigious awards provide significant flexibility in the choice of advisor and research program. Examples include:

Graduate Financial Aid

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