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Li Earns CAREER Award

Xin Li’s research focuses on theoretical computer science, including pseudorandomness, complexity theory, distributed computing, and cryptography.

Network Will Manage ‘Data Deluge’

“The goal is to create a robust, industrial-strength national storage substrate that can impact 80 percent of the NSF research community,” says Bloomberg Distinguished Professor Alexander Szalay.

Removing Barriers

“For many families, myriad small logistical and financial barriers add up to giant roadblocks that limit the access these kids have to summer STEM programming,” says Johns Hopkins environmental engineer Ciaran Harman.

Wind Power’s Smooth Operators

Fleets of small fossil-fuel power plants typically smooth fluctuations in electric power. But could wind farms themselves provide that service?

All Ears

Why the echolocating brown bat is an ideal model for deciphering the complexities of the way humans perceive sound.


Recent awards and honors earned by Whiting School of Engineering researchers.

Priming the STEM Pump

Elementary school children in grades three through five across Baltimore City have been receiving specialized instruction in STEM, thanks to a partnership between the city schools and Johns Hopkins’ schools of Engineering and Education