Back Talk

Winter 2018

So Long, Trial and Error

Why computer simulations are key to the future for better health care.

Winter 2017

Finding Harmony

Daniel Naiman, professor of applied mathematics and statistics, explains why music could have the power to entice more young people into STEM fields.

Summer 2016

Why Internet Voting Is a Nonstarter

An early adopter of all things high-tech argues against online elections.  I began my college studies in computer science in…

Winter 2016

Why ‘Back Doors’ Are a Bad Idea

… and why continued debate leaves us vulnerable. For the first time in history, the technology industry has achieved a…

Summer 2015

Moving Baltimore Forward

Moving Baltimore Forward This spring, unrest rocked the city of Baltimore following the tragic death of Freddie Gray in police…

Winter 2015

Mining 21st-Century Chatter

Why the apparent flotsam of Twitter and Instagram could actually be good for our health. In our era of big…

Summer 2014

Toward a More Perfect Union

Throughout our history, Johns Hopkins University has excelled at creating knowledge and educating scholars. As faculty, we probe the unknown with…