Alumni Winter 2022

Homing in on the Range

As founder and CEO of Roper, Maeve Garigan ’01, MA ’08, aims to revolutionize beef production with innovative technology — a GPS-enabled ear tag for cattle

Using AI in New Ways

As a Master Inventor and distinguished engineer at IBM, Aaron Baughman, MS ’07, has created AI-based experiences for the U.S. Open, the Masters Tournament, ESPN fantasy football, the Grammy Awards, and others — work that, in turn, has led to some extraordinary real-life experiences.

Cleaning Up Transportation

As co-founder and CTO of ClearFlame Engine Technologies, Julie Blumreiter ’08 is taking  the dirty out of the diesel engine and setting a new standard for sustainability in the transportation sector.

Personalized Treatment for PTSD

Blythe Karow ’02, co-founder and CEO of Evren Technologies, has developed a medical device to treat PTSD by boosting the parasympathetic response to put the user in a more relaxed state.