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Spring 2022

“The first thing we’re thinking of is testing at airports and stadiums.”

4/13/22, Fast Company

Ishan Barman, Mechanical Engineering, on potential uses for a new platform for rapid, accurate COVID-19 testing, smaller than a postage stamp, that he and his team developed.

“Misinformation has always been present, even at higher proportions, before COVID-19 started. Many people knew this, which makes the ensuing misinformation spread during COVID-19 entirely predictable.”

1/12/22, The Hill

Mark Dredze, Computer Science, on the ubiquity of misinformation even before the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It can discharge, components malfunction, and there are studies showing it increases mortality. It’s like a horse kicking you in the chest—it’s that painful.”

4/14/22, Fast Company

Natalia Trayanova, Biomedical Engineering, on risks associated with defibrillators. The AI tool she and her team developed can predict an individual’s risk for sudden cardiac death and can help reduce the number of patients who receive the devices needlessly.

“The problem is that e-cigarette aerosols contain other completely uncharacterized chemicals that might have health risks that we don’t yet know about.”

10/14/21, Smithsonian Magazine

Carsten PrasseEnvironmental Health and Engineering, on his study that found that electronic cigarettes contain nearly 2,000 chemicals—some of them potentially harmful.

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