Tech Tools: Live, from JHU…

Winter 2021

Gretar Tryggvason, the Charles A. Miller, Jr. Distinguished Professor and head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, teaches in one of the Whiting School’s new remote learning studios.

When Johns Hopkins University announced that the fall semester would take place entirely online, the Whiting School of Engineering built 34 state-of-the-art remote learning studios to provide faculty and students with the most effective, high-quality remote teaching and learning experiences for live, online course delivery. Outfitted with features including enhanced video capabilities, large displays that allow students 360-degree views of the instructor and the whiteboard, and high-tech audio equipment, 130 instructors taught some 250 classes in the studios throughout the fall—with great reviews from students and faculty members alike.

Components of a Remote Learning Studio

AV Cart

  • 55″/50″ Monitors
    • Two 55″ x 50″ monitors enhance the instructor’s ability to engage more effectively with their entire class as well as one-on-one with students.
  • LED Lights & Microphones
    • A professional LED light panel provides consistent, even light, and stereo shotgun mics capture crisp audio, while allowing the instructor to move freely around the studio.


  • Adjustable Standing Desk
    • A mobile standing desk serves as the command center for instruction.
  • Zoom Room Controller
    • The Zoom room controller serves as a universal controller for the entire studio, enabling the instructor to change Zoom settings and switch between studio technologies as needed.
  • Document Camera
    • The document camera enables the instructor to share detailed views of 3-D objects, such as circuit boards and device design components, as well as hand-written diagrams and equations.
  • Touch Display
    • With the interactive touch display, faculty members can annotate content on their laptop while sharing it with the class.

Whiteboard & Whiteboard Camera

  • Not visible here: The whiteboard camera removes glare and shadow, allowing faculty members to share clean, highdefinition images of what is written on their whiteboards.