Civil Engineering Reimagined

Winter 2020

Illustration of city of the future

To address societal challenges in areas ranging from the resiliency of our cities and future energy infrastructure to human safety and space exploration and habitation, the Whiting School has reimagined its Department of Civil Engineering and launched the new Department of Civil and Systems Engineering.

“Our goal is to prepare students to address the complexity of major challenges facing society in the coming decades,” says Lori Graham-Brady, the former director of civil engineering, who is leading the newly created department. “Academics and research will be outward-facing, recognizing that infrastructure is defined not only by the built environment but also by how that built environment interacts with its inhabitants and the societal systems it supports.”

While the department comprises faculty, staff, and students from the former civil engineering department, its broader focus is expected to lead to increased partnerships with other university divisions, additional faculty positions, and to the creation of new courses and degree programs.