The objective of this semester’s Mechatronics course, a Department of Mechanical Engineering class taught by Jeremy Brown, John C. Malone Professor of Mechanical Engineering, is for students to learn the fundamentals of mechanism kinematics, motors and sensors, and interfacing and programming microprocessors. For the course’s final project, students were divided into teams of three or four people from various disciplines, such as mechanical engineering, robotics, electrical engineering, and biomedical engineering. Each team built two robots for the tournament: a goalie and a forward.

Though the class is a mechanical engineering course, there was a heavy ECE presence among the students, including Sarah Denenberg, a senior computer engineering major.

“We each brought our own specialties to the project,” said Denenberg. “Mechanical engineers worked on 3D modeling and the mechanical design, and the electrical and computer engineers focused on circuits and coding. Then we had to put it all together to make a system that would work in the rink.”

To learn more about the class and its final project, check the link for a story by Catherine Graham, the Communiations Specialist for the Department of Mechanical Engineering.