Jacob B. Khurgin


Primary Appointment: Electrical and Computer Engineering

Research Interests

  • Theoretical and experimental studies of electronic, optical, and magnetic properties of the semiconductors and their heterostructure-quantum wells, and superlattices
  • Nonlinear optics
  • Optical Communication Devices & Systems
  • Metamaterials and Plasmonics
  • Mid-Infrared devices
  • Fundamental Condensed Matter Physics
  • Wide-bandgap semiconductor devices
  • Miniature solid state lasers

Professor Khurgin is a theorist, but through his 30+ years career he has been working with many experimental groups in diverse areas of electronics, optics, condensed matter physics and telecommunications. Currently, his interests include mid-infrared technology – lasers and detectors, wide bandgap semiconductor devices, laser refrigeration of solids, plasmonics, photo catalysis, band-width efficient optical communications, and others. Professor Khurgin graduated from NYU in 1986, worked in industry, and joined JHU in 1988. He has authored 300 journal publications, 1 book, holds 30 patents and is a Fellow of American Physical Society and Optical Society of America.


Awards and Honors

American Physical Society Fellow

Optical Society of America Fellow

Journal Articles
  • Khurgin, J., Stievater, T. H., Pruessner, M. W., Rabinovich, W. S. (2015).  On the origin of the second-order nonlinearity in strained Si-SiN structures.  JOURNAL OF THE OPTICAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA B-OPTICAL PHYSICS.  32(12).  2494-2499.
  • Khurgin, J., Sun, G., Chen, W. T., Tsai, W., Tsai, D. P. (2015).  Ultrafast Thermal Nonlinearity.  SCIENTIFIC REPORTS.  5.
  • Khurgin, J. (2015).  Ultimate limit of field confinement by surface plasmon polaritons.  FARADAY DISCUSSIONS.  178.  109-122.
  • Khurgin, J., Sun, G. (2015).  Impact of surface collisions on enhancement and quenching of the luminescence near the metal nanoparticles.  OPTICS EXPRESS.  23(24).  30739-30748.
  • Spencer, D. T., Davenport, M., Srinivasan, S., Khurgin, J., Morton, P. A., Bowers, J. E. (2015).  Low kappa, narrow bandwidth Si3N4 Bragg gratings.  OPTICS EXPRESS.  23(23).  30329-30336.
  • Stievater, T. H., Pruessner, M. W., Rabinovich, W. S., Park, D., Mahon, R., Kozak, D. A., Boos, J. B., Holmstrom, S. A., Khurgin, J. (2015).  Suspended photonic waveguide devices.  APPLIED OPTICS.  54(31).  F164-F173.
  • Bajaj, S., Shoron, O. F., Park, P. S., Krishnamoorthy, S., Akyol, F., Hung, T., Reza, S., Chumbes, E. M., Khurgin, J., Rajan, S. (2015).  Density-dependent electron transport and precise modeling of GaN high electron mobility transistors.  APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS.  107(15).
  • Yu, H., Talukdar, D., Xu, W., Khurgin, J., Xiong, Q. (2015).  Charge-Induced Second-Harmonic Generation in Bilayer WSe2.  NANO LETTERS.  15(8).  5653-5657.
  • Khurgin, J. (2015).  Two-dimensional exciton-polariton-light guiding by transition metal dichalcogenide monolayers.  OPTICA.  2(8).  740-742.
  • Yang, Z., Nath, D. N., Zhang, Y., Khurgin, J., Rajan, S. (2015).  Common Emitter Current and Voltage Gain in III-Nitride Tunneling Hot Electron Transistors.  IEEE ELECTRON DEVICE LETTERS.  36(5).  436-438.
  • Sun, G., Chen, R., Ding, Y. J., Khurgin, J. (2015).  Upconversion Due to Optical-Phonon-Assisted Anti-Stokes Photoluminescence in Bulk GaN.  ACS PHOTONICS.  2(5).  628-632.
  • Desiatov, B., Goykhman, I., Mazurski, N., Shappir, J., Khurgin, J., Levy, U. (2015).  Plasmonic enhanced silicon pyramids for internal photoemission Schottky detectors in the near-infrared regime.  OPTICA.  2(4).  335-338.
  • Khurgin, J. (2015).  Prospects and merits of metal-clad semiconductor lasers from nearly UV to far IR.  OPTICS EXPRESS.  23(4).  4186-4194.
  • Yang, Z., Zhang, Y., Nath, D. N., Khurgin, J., Rajan, S. (2015).  Current gain in sub-10nm base GaN tunneling hot electron transistors with AlN emitter barrier.  APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS.  106(3).
  • Khurgin, J. (2015).  How to deal with the loss in plasmonics and metamaterials.  NATURE NANOTECHNOLOGY.  10(1).  2-6.
Conference Proceedings
  • Islam, M., Lay, J., Wang, C., Trivedi, S., Samuels, A., Khurgin, J., Sen-Choa, F. (2015).  Combined Microphone Array and Lock-in Amplifier Operations for Out DoorPhoto-acoustic Sensing.  ADVANCED ENVIRONMENTAL, CHEMICAL, AND BIOLOGICAL SENSING TECHNOLOGIESXII.  9486.
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