John I. Goutsias


Primary Appointment: Electrical and Computer Engineering

Research Interests

  • Shape Analysis
  • Image analysis
  • Modeling biochemical regulatory systems
  • Genomic signal processing and analysis
  • Bioinformatics
  • Computational Systems Biology

John Goutsias studies and develops techniques for the modeling and analysis of complex networked systems in a variety of applications, such as computational biology, epidemiology and computational neuroscience. He is affiliated with the Complex Systems Science Laboratory, the Center for Imaging Science, and the Whitaker Biomedical Engineering Institute. His research focuses on developing new approaches and methodologies as well as on applications. His interests span a variety of topics that include modeling, simulation, and analysis of stochastic dynamical processes on complex networks, statistical estimation of structure and function, hypothesis testing, thermodynamic analysis, transmission of information, and sensitivity analysis.  He received his PhD from the University of Southern California in 1986.

Secondary Appointment: Center for Imaging Science

Primary Affiliation: Center for Language and Speech Processing

Journal Articles
  • Afshar, A. S., Xu, J., Goutsias, J. (2014).  Integrative identification of deregulated miRNA/TF-mediated gene regulatory loops and networks in prostate cancer.  PloS one.  9(6).  e100806.
  • Jenkinson, G., Goutsias, J. (2014).  Intrinsic Noise Induces Critical Behavior in Leaky Markovian Networks Leading to Avalanching.  PLoS computational biology.  10(1).  e1003411.
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