When: Apr 02 @ 3:00 PM

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Title: Interpretable End-to-End Neural Network for Audio and Speech Processing
Abstract: This talk introduces extensions of the basic end-to-end automatic speech recognition (ASR) architecture by focusing on its integration function to tackle major problems faced by current ASR technologies in adverse environments including cocktail party and data sparseness problems. The first topic is to integrate microphone-array signal processing, speech separation, and speech recognition in a single neural network to realize multichannel multi-speaker ASR for the cocktail party problem. Our architecture is carefully designed to maintain the role of each module as a differentiable subnetwork so that we can jointly optimize the whole network but still keep the interpretability of each subnetwork including the speech separation, speech enhancement, and acoustic beamforming abilities in addition to ASR. The second topic is based on semi-supervised training using cycle-consistency, which enables us to leverage unpaired speech and/or text data by integrating ASR with text-to-speech (TTS) within the end-to end framework. This scheme can be regarded as an interpretable disentanglement of audio signals with explicit decomposition of linguistic characteristics by ASR and speaker and speaking style characteristics by speaker embedding. These explicitly decomposed characteristics are converted back to the original audio signals by neural TTS; thus we form an acoustic feedback loop based on speech recognition and synthesis like human hearing, and both components can be jointly optimized only with the audio data.