ECE receives more 2019 Discovery Awards than any other Johns Hopkins University department

June 20, 2019

ECE Discovery Award recipients

The recipients for the 2019 Johns Hopkins Discovery Awards were recently announced, and in an extremely competitive year, ECE finished as the department with the most research projects selected across the entire university.

In total, 10 different research projects featuring eight ECE faculty members were selected for a discovery award. Department Chair Ralph Etienne-Cummings, William B. Kouwenhoven Professor Jerry L. Prince and professor James West each had two research projects selected.

The honor provides grant awards to cross-divisional teams, comprised of faculty and/or non-faculty members from at least two schools or affiliates of Johns Hopkins University, who are poised to arrive at important discoveries or creative works. For Etienne-Cummings, the number of selected ECE-related research projects shows how many different fields ECE encompasses.

“This shows that our department is very diverse in the backgrounds of research it does. You’ll notice the projects that got funded span a multitude of fields and that is because the discipline has become the enabling force for a lot of different research,” Etienne-Cummings said. “Something else that I find exciting is that we have run the entire gamut in terms of our faculty being represented. Enrique (Mallada) and Archana (Venkataraman) are two of our younger faculty, and they had projects get selected, as did a few of our older faculty. It shows that the people we are bringing in are meshing well within the JHU fabric and that the work they are doing is relevant. At the same time, the faculty who have been here for awhile are still quite active and are still coming up with great ideas that can make an impact.”

Listed below are the ECE-related projects that were selected for Discovery Awards.

A Data-Driven Approach to Electricity Market Design Enrique Mallada (ECE), Marcelo Fernandez (Arts & Sciences) and Dennice Gayme (Engineering).

Brain Light: Brain Wide Reconstruction of Neuronal Circuitry – Ulrich Mueller (Medicine and Arts & Sciences) and Michael Miller (Biomedical Engineering and ECE).

Cardiac Arrest Subphenotype Discovery Using a Very Large Intensive Care Database – Robert Stevens (Medicine), Ali Afshar (Medicine), Brant Chee (Medicine) and Ralph Etienne-Cummings (ECE).

Creating Biomolecule-Polymer Hybrid Materials for Biocompatible Piezoelectric Devices James West (ECE) and Stephen Fried (Arts & Sciences).

Decoding the Biomechanics and Physics of Cetacean Biosonar – Rajat Mittal (Engineering), Sung Hoon Kang (Engineering), Cynthia Moss (Arts & Sciences), James West (ECE) and Jung Hee Seo (Engineering).

Deep “X-map” for Acute Ischemic Stroke – Katsuyuki Taguchi (Medicine), Jerry L. Prince (ECE), Nafi Aygun (Medicine), Ferdinand Hui (Medicine), Steven R. Zeiler (Medicine) and Jeffrey H. Siewerdsen (Engineering and Medicine).

Nerve-sparing Prostatectomy Using Neuromodulation-based Nerve Localization Emad Boctor (Radiology/Radiological Sciences and ECE), Arthur Burnett (Medicine), Jin Kang (ECE) and Maged Harraz (Medicine).

NeuMeDiC – NeuroModulated Diabetes ControlRalph Etienne-Cummings (ECE), Sheng Bi (Medicine) and Qihong Wang (Medicine).

Noninvasive Seizure Localization in Epilepsy Patients via Multimodal Magnetic Resonance Imaging Archana Venkataraman (ECE), Emily Johnson (Medicine), Christophe Jouny (Medicine) and Haris Sair (Medicine).

SMORE for CT-like Coronary Artery Angiography with MRI – Michael Schar (Medicine) and Jerry L. Prince (ECE).

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