Pictures and Videos from Design Day 2019

May 8, 2019

Design Day 2019 is officially in the books! Congratulations to everyone who participated. Scroll below for some pictures and videos from ECE’s presentation.

ECE was very fortunate to have the very talented Will Kirk from Homewood Photography stop by our design day to snap some pictures. Three are listed directly below, but you can follow this link to see if there are any shots of your favorite design team! If you plan to download and share the pictures, please give photo credit to “Will Kirk/Homewood Photography.”

Some other shots that were snapped by Wick Eisenberg:

Click here to hear from Sanjay Elangovan, from ECE’s Design Day project “Talk to the Hand,” on what he learned from the Design Day process!

Click here to hear from Sarah Abella, from ECE’s Design Day project “Battlefield Life-Saving Drone” on why she enjoyed the Design Day process!

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