Distinguished Lecturer Andreas Tolias Presents To Packed House

February 1, 2019

As late-arriving crowd members shuffled into Clark 110 yesterday to attend the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department’s most recent Distinguished Lecturer event, their two options were to either stand, or find a place to sit on the ground. That’s right: Andreas Tolias, P.h.D from Baylor College of Medicine’s Department of Neuroscience, created such a buzz throughout the Whiting School of Engineering that Clark 110 actually ran out of chairs.

The talk was as interesting as advertised. Tolias presented his research, which has the end goal of understanding the brain’s model bias in order to engineer less artificial, and more intelligent, neural networks. During the reception after his presentation, Tolias continued to discuss his work with a few students and faculty members who were particularly interested in his work.

It was a thoroughly enlightening experience for all, and ECE would like to thank Tolias for presenting his work at Johns Hopkins University.



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