Yufan He Wins Best Poster Award at the 2017 MICCAI Workshop

September 20, 2017

Yufan He was recently awarded the Best Poster Award at the 4th MICCAI workshop on Ophthalmic Medical Image Analysis, held in Quebec City.  The MICCAI workshop brings together scientists, clinicians, and students from multiple disciplines within the ophthalmic image analysis community, including electronic engineering, computer science, mathematics, and medicine, to discuss the latest advancements in the field.

Topics for this year’s workshop included:

  • Computer-aided detection and diagnosis of disease
  • Image analysis of novel ophthalmic imaging modalities
  • Multimodal ophthalmic image analysis
  • Ophthalmic image atlases
  • Ophthalmic image analysis in animals
  • Registration of ophthalmic images, including multimodal
  • Segmentation of structures (e.g., vasculature, lesions, landmarks)
  • Combined analysis of images of the eye and other organs
  • Validation
  • Crowd sourcing

Awards were handed out for Best Oral Presentation and Best Poster. Congratulations, Yufan!

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