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Research Areas Mechanics and simulation of ductile and brittle materials Behavior and performance of thin-walled structures System reliability for civil infrastructure Analysis and design of steel building systems

Cristopher Moen is a senior lecturer and the director of the Master of Science in Civil Engineering program in the Department of Civil and Systems Engineering. His research focuses on the mechanics and simulation of ductile and brittle materials, the behavior and performance of thin-walled structures, and system reliability quantification for civil infrastructure. Notably, his PhD work on the behavior and design of thin-walled steel structures with perforations has been widely referenced, including in industry standards such as the American Iron and Steel Institute North American Specification for the Design of Cold-Formed Steel Members.

As a senior lecturer, Moen integrates practical experience gained from his involvement with engineering teams for several significant bridge projects. These include the design and construction of the Woodrow Wilson Bridge main spans, moveable spans, and V-piers. He completed his bachelor’s and master’s in civil engineering at the University of Virginia and a PhD in Civil Engineering at Johns Hopkins University in 2008.