Many of the challenges facing modern society require not only new technological solutions, but also efficient, effective, and equitable implementations of these technologies to ensure the betterment of society.  Venturing beyond the confines of traditional engineering coursework, the Bachelor of Science degree in systems engineering is trans-disciplinary and collaborative, connecting mathematics, engineering, social and physical sciences, and medicine.

The program provides students with knowledge of theory, computational methods, and research in the fundamental frameworks of optimization, network theory and uncertainty quantification, providing the tools required to envision solutions to big-picture problems in a range of applications. Examples include monitoring and modeling the COVID-19 outbreak, optimizing hospital resource allocation, optimizing equitable access to food, and designing infrastructure, energy systems, and smart cities that are interconnected, resilient to hazards, and cybersecure.

Students will gain significant experience in collaborative problem solving that will serve them well in a broad range of careers, including those related to future energy infrastructure, smart cities, decision-making in healthcare, data mining and decision making, and cybersecurity of infrastructure.

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A minor in Systems Engineering is available for both Civil Engineering majors and non-departmental majors who would like an overview of the principles of civil engineering.

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