A Minor in Systems Engineering is available for Civil Engineering majors and non-departmental majors who would like an overview of the principles of systems engineering.

The minor consists of 18.5 credits in addition to the prerequisite courses:

  • four fundamental systems engineering courses:
    560.100 Civilization Engineered
    560.291 CaSE Coding
    560.240 Uncertainty, Reliability and Decision-making
    560.250 Intro to Mathematical Decision-Making
  • three courses of systems engineering electives (9 credits or more) from the following list:
    560.255 Dynamical Systems
    560.449 Energy Systems
    560.450 Operations Research
    560.453 An Introduction to Network Modeling
    560.457 System Dynamics
    560.458 Natural Disaster Risk Modeling

Please contact the Academic Program Administrator for more information.

Degree Checkout Sheet for the Minor in Systems Engineering » Excel | PDF